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YAMAHA DZR10 mini review

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Goerge Thomas:

--- Quote from: Dave Garoutte on April 23, 2024, 12:39:06 PM ---Shouldn't this be in the reviews section?

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Besides the Marketplace and the basement, the forums here seem completely dead at this point. Unsure where to post anything outside of this section at this point to be honest. Most people have moved over to Reddit or Facebook groups. The moderators are more than welcome to move this thread if itís more appropriate of course!

 I own 3 DZR10s. I bought my first pair about 5 years ago and love them. They sound great and get loud for their size. My band has used them with a pair of QSC K212C subs at gigs with 300 people. I bought another one last year to use as a monitor and again no complaints.

Rob Stevens:
Great review, I run DZR12s, and am very pleased with them, I do agree it would be nice if the covers attached at the bottom somehow, But otherwise the covers are really best in class. I rarely take them off at gigs.

Great review. I'm a part-time operator, and have (4) DZR10's along with (4) DXS15-xlf subs. Great combo, and I don't think can be beat for the price, weight, cost, quality, and design. I previously had an SRX  rig (12"/18") and sold it in favor of the Yammies.

I also have (4) db technology ig4t's - which match well with the Yamaha subs, though if using all 4 ig4t's (stacked) they will definitely outrun the subs. I'd like to pick up a 3rd pair of subs for more SPL and to do 2:1 cardioid.

I haven't needed to yet - but if I used the ig4t's stacked (2/side) on a bigger outdoor gig, I think I'd lean towards renting some bigger subs either way. Danley TH118 (2 per side), or some high-power 2x18's (2 per side) - RCF 8006 etc.


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