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Sound system for 3000-6000 seat venues advice!!!

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Steve Eudaly:
As far as PA goes, sounds like the perfect job for d&b KSL. Well suited to scale up and down for the venue sizes you've mentioned and full-bandwidth cardioid really cleans things up in the arena level.

Steve Ferreira:
Do you have CAD drawings of some of the venues you will perform at?
Rigging plots?
How much weight can the points hold?
Will you be able to deploy a proper rig given the weight restrictions?
I would start plotting those into the multiple prediction software and see what the plots looks like.

Luke Geis:
More data!!!

Ok, so initially we will rent PA's to spec for the venues. The Purchase is for the actual tour next year. This company is looking to become a full production company, so that is the reason for purchase, it will have its own market. There is a Tour Manager already in place and I believe I have my Monitor Engineer in place as well. I just received the contract the other day, and signing is early in May, rehearsals start first of June.

I am on the lookout for a Systems Engineer. I would prefer one that will play as an A2 as well. The early dates are going to be small enough that having a dedicated role would not hold value. I know I can sell the management on paying a retainer salary for someone who can do both as needed. I am semi responsible for finding the Audio Talent. I.E. I am not required to, but am being asked to build my team. I have one A3, and about 95% sure on my Monitor guy. So, if anyone knows a Systems Engineer that is ok with playing as an A2, please let me know, I would love to talk to them.

I have an NDA, so I can't divulge much else, but I can say that while initially things seemed weird, everything I was told has turned out true, and things are panning out as you would expect with the exception of being time crunched. 3 months of rehearsals seems tight to me, I would prefer 6+ months, especially since the mixer option has not yet been decided. My brief conversation with my Monitor Engineer suggests we are looking to the Rivage PM5.

Thank you all and keep em coming!!

Steve Ferreira:
I'm not sure on how the equipment purchase times is doing now, but most places are still taking long periods of time to get equipment out to customers. Reach out to a rep and see what they say.


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