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FS: Case full of NL2 cables


Riley Casey:
Up for sale a case full of NL2 speaker cables. These are largely Rapco brand cable made in our shop. Most are 12 or 13 gauge. Used primarily for corporate shows in ballrooms & convention centers. The current price for this list of cables based on a quick look at Sweetwater and Audiopyle is in the $4000 range. There are some interesting bits like a few pin shift cables for pin two to pin one applications ( they have a yellow shell on the shifted end ) and 25ft zip cord cable for that time you need a skinny cable to tape across a door.

I will sell the entire pack of cables plus a 30x30 baltic birch case for $400 if picked up near BWI airport. I will ship it truck freight on its wheels if you pay the shipping. Not willing to break the pack up. I need floor space.

The NL8s in the picture are in the next listing

To follow up contact me at rentals at espsound dot calm

NL2   150 ft   white & blue
NL2   100ft   white & white
NL2   50ft           blue
NL2   25ft            red
NL2   10ft           white
NL2   5ft           green
NL2   3ft           orange
NL2   8ft   pin shift P1-P2 at yellow end


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