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New tale of with Buzz at the 1984 Juno Awards

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brian maddox:

--- Quote from: Riley Casey on April 22, 2024, 02:18:56 PM ---Proper procedure is to make all connections unenergized, inspect the entire cable / connection run and only then turn on the circuit breaker for shore connections ( shore in this instance means an installed electrical service point )
For generators there is an extra step. After making connections its important to test the service voltages between all legs and the legs and neutral+ground. Large generators can be set up for a variety of industrial loads beyond the usual single phase / three phase 115/208 VAC we are used to.
We for many years had an exceptional special event generator vendor who always sent a trained operator for set up instilling a lot of confidence in all of their customers. One event came up in which our customer hired a generator from a new supplier but assured us that a trained operator would be on hand. Come set up morning - in the dark of course - we provided tails and let the get op do his thing. Started the first chain motor and it moved all of about two feet and poof a bit of magic smoke came out. I checked the front of our PD and all three of the voltage meters were dead. I ran down to the generator and asked what's up. The Gen op said its all good here. I looked at the meters on the genny and found it was set for 460 VAC. The "trained generator operator" turned out to be simply the truck driver.
Trust but verify.

--- End quote ---

Pat [ or perhaps "the PatS" ] were the absolute best ii've ever worked with. The only time using a genie that you could just 'forget about it'....


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