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Live Sound International magazines


Rich Wirz:
I have 110 Live Sound International mags dating from 2008 to 2020 that are taking up space and need to go.  Interesting looking through at the progression for the last 16 years but I need to either find them a new home or dispose of them.  Here's what's there - all shrink wrapped by year:

2008 (6) July-December
2009 - All
2010 (11) All but February
2011 - All
2012 (10) January-October
2013 (8) March, June-December
2014 (2) January and December
2015 (9) January-May, September-December
2016 (8) March-August, October and November
2017 (7) Feb, March, May, July, Sep, Nov, Dec
2018 (10) All but Feb and Dec
2019 (7) Jan, Feb, May, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
2020 (4) Jan, Feb, May, Oct
2021 (3) Jun, Aug, Nov
2022 (1) Feb

I don't really want anything for them if anyone is interested - would just have to deal with shipping costs if out of state.  I'm in north central Wisconsin (Wausau area) and could do a cruise to meet if anyone local wants them.  I'll leave this up for a couple weeks and if nobody bites they will probably follow my path of retirement  :)


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