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FS: Ashly 4.24 DSP crossovers and QSC 236 & 404 amps


Riley Casey:
I have the contents of my last monitor wedge racks available . Shipping from 20910. Shipping details below for calculating shipping cost to your location below.

   two Ashly 4.24C  DSP crossovers - $495 each
   one Ashly 4.24 D  DSP crossover with XLR I/o panel - $300
   six QSC PL236 amps ( 725 per channel into 8 ) - $425 each
   three QSC CX404 four channel amps with XLR to Euroblock jumpers - $350 each

amps cartons will be 20 x 22 x 6" high weighing 25lbs each
DSP cartons will be 22 x 12 x 4" weighing 10lbs each

Make me offers for multiple units. I have three amp rack I/o panels with XLRs & NL4s set up as four channel beams racks as well - make me an offer at rentals at espsound dot calm


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