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MDG Atmosphere Repair


Andrew Abfal:
Hey guys, I'm in a little bit of a weird situation. I've picked up two MDG Atmosphere APS hazers from my old workplace. Their current status is they power up, heat up, and no output.

A little backstory on the hazers. My buddy used to work on cruise ships and one of the shows never went out to sea, with those shows was a bunch of gear that just sat in a shipping container since ~2004 so these are old versions of the APS, only run between 208-240v. My buddy got them about 3 years ago to put into his venue. Tested them out and got about 30 minutes out of them before they stopped output. Turns out there was already fluid in the units and he ran it with the old fluid in there. They were sitting for about 18 years before that point. Now I've never known oil based fluid to go bad but I looked at them last week and there's minor crystallization in the reservoir, I assumed just a clog in the machine. I opened it up and cleaned out the reservoir, pipes, and path from the valve (I'm guessing its a valve) to the heater. I got all the gunk out (really not a lot but enough to potentially cause a blockage). I can get airflow up to the valve, and after the valve through the heater and out the nozzle. Haven't powered it back up since to test with new fluid since I don't have the proper power at my house, anyways hopefully it works. Feel free to call me an idiot I've never actually worked with hazers before.

Anyways I've reached out to MDG multiple times to no avail to try and find somebody to repair these in the event they still don't work to pay somebody to try and fix them. So I guess I'm reaching out to you guys now haha, do any of you have any contacts or know dealers in Ontario that work with/distribute MDG products? I'm based Niagara. So far the only people I've gotten a hold of are Christie Lites and they can only sell me replacement parts.

Appreciate any advice!

Steve Ferreira:
Looks like there is a distributor in Quebec for MDG. Maybe they can help. Fill out the form on the MDG site.

James Feenstra:
Solotech in Toronto has a huge inventory of MDG hazers, they could potentially service it for you


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