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Replacing my Sony 7506 headphones ?

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Joris Jans2:
Dito, i have a pair of SRH840's i do really like the sound of them.

John Schalk:
I went down the new headphones rabbit hole last year.  I spent a fair amount of time stuck in analysis paralysis before finally deciding on the Sennheiser HD600.  They are an open-backed, over the ear design with a pretty flat response.  I paid $300 for mine off of eBay.  My use case is for listening to live tracks at home like a virtual sound check.  I like them, but I wouldn't say that I'm in love.  The ear pads are a soft felt and the headphones are pretty light, so they are very comfortable to wear.  FWIW, the cans in my gig back are still a pair of Sony MDR v6s.

The two resources I used the most while shopping for my new headphones were the Audio Science Review's headphones reviews and forum, and Dave Rat's series of YouTube videos where he tested various headphones for live sound.  Dave's headphone tests are old so the model he chose, which was a Denon whose model number escapes me now, is out of production.  Note that Dave has a newer set of videos where he tests IEMs.

Scott Helmke:
The Shure version is the 440, same price, roughly the same sound, slightly better isolation. Not my ultimate favorite headphones, but a solid pair for the show bag.

Matthias McCready:
I would put another vote for thev Audio Technica M50X's.

I preferred them more than the Shure, Sony, Beyer, Sennheiser offerings I have tried... heh I even prefer them to the M70X's.


They are not the best set of cans in existence, but they have a low-end boost similar to how most PA's are, they sound pretty decent, and they are superbly durable. I usually keep them in a semi-hard clamshell.

Rick Earl:
Another vote for the ATH-50x -  I've been using them for a while, try new things and come back to them.  The fit my head well is the big thing.  I also put a pair of Garfield headphone covers on them for comfort, it tames the high end a bit too.  Dekoni Audio also makes some nice replacement pads, that are super comfortable if you're in your cans for a long day.


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