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amp patch panel and power options

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Rolando Saenz:
i am tired fiddling inside the rack to disconnect and connect audio xlr's
power and speakon connectors in my amp rack

is there a company or some DIY stuff you can make to add a back panel patch like
where you can just plug in your power, audio and speaker outs connections
no messing around with the back of the amplifier anymore

i found this rack AC distro that obviously is tour grade it seems
i dont need something that big

6 speakons outs
2 xlrs ins
4 xlr outs
and a 20amp powerconn in
i need to put on my patch panel


Dave Garoutte:
Google 1ru patch panels and you'll get many options.

doug johnson2:
For input and output patch panels, I usually just make them myself from off the shelf pre-punched rack panels.  For power, I generally mount a quad box with a Edison plug tail in the back of the rack.  I have in the past used both powercon and bulkhead/panel-mount inlets but, have found for smaller racks, it is easier, cheaper, and more convent to just use a box with a tail.  Also, if there is space, I will do line-in/outs on a panel in the front and speaker outs on a panel in the back.

Caleb Dueck:
I've used ACE Backstage and others, for custom panels. 

If the connectors will change often, such as for each tour - then a generic pre-punched panel is fine, it just looks a bit janky.  If the contents of the rack and system are pretty well set, then a custom panel looks nicer. 

You'll need to draw it in CAD, or have someone do it for you (very easy).  You specify the exact connectors, front or rear mounted, laser engraving, even have the wiring pre-terminated to the rear of each connector - handy for XLR and other solder connectors.  Having unlabeled connectors, or crooked stick-on labels, looks awful. 

You can even have your logo illuminated in color with rear LEDs from some manufacturers, or color print the panel with your logo. 

Chris Hindle:
I custom make mine,  Power goes in the back, on a 20A twistlock. XLR and Speakons on the front. I just use an off the shelf 1U 12 hole panel.
I'll see if I can upload a photo later.
Guaranteed not as pretty as your whirlwind sample....,  8)


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