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Rewiring H.O.W. Stage

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Scott Holtzman:

--- Quote from: Mike Caldwell on March 25, 2024, 08:42:35 AM ---Yes, no, maybe.....depending on the level of operators and how much if any the operators "invest" themselves into operating the system.
Sometimes an ole fashion gain knob, mute button and fader with no menus or channel select buttons still has a place.

But yea Denny if you have the sound team and are doing live music with the occasional production of some sort look a digital mixer and think about the last sentence in my first post.

--- End quote ---
Hi the digital mixers have some knobs it depends on which one.

Everyone knows how to use a computer or a tablet.  I find digital mixers are easier for amateurs to learn. 

You also can save your l won good scene. 

Still can use that snake.

Good luck

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Tim Weaver:
I'm the Media Director at a pretty large church. I hate stage pockets with a passion. They are never where you need them, and they fill up with dirt and crud so the XLR's get stuck in the jacks. They are more of a trip hazard in my eye since they are right in the middle of everything with a bunch of cables coming out of them that don't lay flat, and someone always pinches the cord in the edge of the door which will, at best, just kill an XLR cable and at worst chop through an extension cord.

Use your existing snake and then buy several of these: and these:

Then buy a double handful of short 5-10 foot XLR cables. Run the subsnakes from the main snake (hidden out of sight) to the musicians, then use 5 foot cables to plug everything in. Buy your subsnakes longer than you expect so you can route them around the edges of the stage, or under carpets, or just generally out of the way.

Taylor Phillips:

--- Quote from: Denny Griffin on March 24, 2024, 05:06:10 PM ---Greetings All

I attend a small country church. 3 sets of 10 pews, left, center and right. Total Sq ft of the sanctuary is 2,000-2500.

I'm purchasing a new soundboard for the church. 32 channel Mackie, nothing fancy, but very functional.

While looking at everything,  I realized their is a snake running from the current board, to the stage, underneath the floor (this church has a basement).  The snake comes up through the bottom of the stage, and terminates at a 32 channel XLR box.  There are XLR's rat nested all over the stage from years of melneglect.

My question is this;  if I were to install 3-4 recessed boxes on the stage, would I need to keep the XLR box, or could I plug the individual snake wires directly into the recessed boxes?

I greatly appreciate any input!

Thanks and God Bless

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As the others have said, digital is the way to go if you're getting the church a new soundboard.  I'd go with getting a stagebox and just run a data cable to the soundboard rather than a XLR snake.

As for the stage pockets, I've heard a lot of hate for them on this forum, but I've never had any issues with them.  I think the trick is placing them properly and not putting too much i/o (inputs/outputs) into one pocket.  At the churches I've volunteered at that had them, I was always able to route cables so that no one coming on or off stage would encounter a cable in their path.  Might also be worth noting that these churches completely emptied their stages after *every* service.  That said, they're not really necessary since you can use wall plates for i/o on the sides, rear, and front of the stage.  But to answer your original question - yes, you can wire the snake directly to the floor boxes, wall plates, etc. 

Denny Griffin:
Hi Mike, and THANK YOU!

Condition is good.  Quality is average.  Nothing exceptional,  but not the cheapest either.  The current soundboard was a hand me down analog.  It's opd and tired; signal cutting in and out, changes in sound quality, etc.  If you tap the board with a finger near the slider for the particular channel giving troubles, it usually resolves the issue, but only temporarily.

Yes, we are most definitely sticking with analog. No sense in buying a race car for a two lane dirt road.  Unfortunately,  I'm donating 100% or my time and the new board for this project, so there's not really any budget for calling in a professional.

Yes, the box I'm referring to is the box at the stage end, where all the female ends of the snake plug tiny from the board side. Then, it provides numbered male connections on the top of the box.  Is this box still necessary if going with recessed floor boxes?  I didn't know if it provided any type of insulation,  noise reduction through the lines,,, or if it was just a 'point to point' connection with no other function.. I'd prefer to get rid of it and just use the recessed boxes if possible.

I appreciate you input and response,  thanks again!

Denny Griffin:
Hi Scott! Thank you for the response.   We are going to stick with an analog board for now, for several reasons.  Not the least of which is, we're a very small church, and there's no real need to transition to digital now.  I came from a much larger church using an SQ-6, and it would just be wasted where we are.  Cost is also an issue.  Not to mention the training involved in switching from analog to digital. While in sure there will be a day in the future when it is needed,  right now analog is the best bet for our particular application.

I appreciate the response,  thansk again!


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