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Rewiring H.O.W. Stage

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Jonathan Johnson:
I'm with the others on keeping the snake with the box at the stage end. Put the box in an inconspicuous place and use it as a patch bay, where you can connect wall jacks, stage pockets, drop snakes, or whatever into it.

This also lets you put more jacks around the place than you'll need during any given event, and you can patch as needed, without running lines all the way back to FOH. Think of the snake box as a "remote" back-of-mixer patch bay.

On the other hand, realize that not using a digital mixer with a digital snake means that you have to physically reconnect things at the snake box as needed. With a digital snake, you can have a stage box and have EVERYTHING plugged in, and manage your patching (jack to channel) virtually. So when you've got 48 jacks placed around the stage and a 32 channel mixer, you can just reassign any input jack to any channel.

There are costs and benefits to both methods, but home-running every drop gets expensive in a hurry and limits your flexibility unless you seriously overbuild.

Taylor Phillips:

--- Quote from: Denny Griffin on March 26, 2024, 11:56:22 AM ---We are going to stick with an analog board for now, for several reasons.  Not the least of which is, we're a very small church, and there's no real need to transition to digital now.  I came from a much larger church using an SQ-6, and it would just be wasted where we are.  Cost is also an issue.  Not to mention the training involved in switching from analog to digital. While in sure there will be a day in the future when it is needed,  right now analog is the best bet for our particular application.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Denny Griffin on March 26, 2024, 12:04:48 PM ---We're actually looking at the ProFX30v3.  It's very similar to what we currently have, just a newer version.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Denny Griffin on March 26, 2024, 12:10:05 PM ---However this a a pretty small stage, and at absolute best, we have a 5 person worship band, consisting of acoustic guitar, bass, Cajon, and vocals.  No real electric instruments; were kinda bluegrass!
--- End quote ---
The future arrived about a decade ago when it comes to digital vs analog consoles.  Aside from super small boards for people to use with their solo acts, a new, entry level analog console like the ProFX30v3 is a waste of money. What's the problem with the current board, and do you need all 30 channels?

It doesn't look like you need that large of a channel count, so if you're stuck on analog, look for a used A&H MixWizard.  Better quality than the Mackie, more auxes, and another sweepable EQ band.  Wouldn't have built in compression or USB connectivity, but you'd probably have money left over to cover that.  Even if you do need more channels, there are good quality options out there that might still be less money than the new Mackie.

Brian Jojade:

--- Quote from: Denny Griffin on March 26, 2024, 11:52:09 AM ---Yes, we are most definitely sticking with analog. No sense in buying a race car for a two lane dirt road.  Unfortunately,  I'm donating 100% or my time and the new board for this project, so there's not really any budget for calling in a professional.

--- End quote ---

The ONLY reason to look at an analog console would be because you have a limited budget.  However, even in the smallest of shows, using a digital board gives you so vastly many more options, it seems crazy to buy anything else.

As others have said, you could probably get an analog mixer for free.  If you're not moving it around at all, a big heavy one that people don't like moving around would be fairly easy to find.

If you're installing floor pockets, you can either home run the lines all the way back to the console, or just run lines to your existing snake and patch in there.  If the snake is in working order, that's the easiest solution.  If someday in the future you do get a digital board, you could then put the stagebox there and run cat 5 back to home position and you're done.

If you put in more floor pocket lines than lines available, you can easily go and patch in the ones you're currently using.  That gives you ultimate flexibility.

Tim Padrick:
If the Mackie is analog, get instead a clean used Allen & Heath GL2200 or GL2400.  A better mixer, as well as being much easier and cheaper to repair.  That being said, though I'm an old guy, I have no desire to go back to analog.  My favorite of the affordable digital mixers are the Behringers.


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