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ID this connector?

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Peter Kowalczyk:
Just did a site visit at a new-to-me events center, and they have a pair of these receptacles outside.  I've never seen them before; they don't appear to have a NEMA marking.  Has anyone used them? 

Mark McFarlane:
Edit: The link below is similar but not a correct match. Sorry for posting this in a hurry and making a mistake.

Chris Hindle:

--- Quote from: Mark McFarlane on March 22, 2024, 05:30:26 AM ---

--- End quote ---

Over 600 USD$ for ONE plug?
OK, it's a Hubble, but really?
Guess I need more, better customers to afford to add that to my Tye-In kit.....

Mike Caldwell:
The plug in the link is not the plug that mates to that receptical. The key ways and pin spacing looks wrong. That said I can't point you to the correct plug.

I actually have that Hubble pin sleeve plug that is in the link, found it on Ebay for far less, needed it for a series of jobs about 10 years ago and haven't used it since.

Rob Timmerman:
Looks like a non-IEC pin and sleeve connector.


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