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Building User-Friendly Systems

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Lee Douglas:
I can't get end users to read past the first two or three bullet points on the laminated one-sheet I create.  I presuming that we're talking about in-wall touchscreen GUI's here.  What I do now is to limit the choices they have to make and make sure that the turn on macro puts the system in the exact same state every time.  Usually with a known audio from a video source playing.  So I can then ask, "When you turn it on, do you hear The Golf Channel?" From there keep it as simple as possible in selecting different sources or scenes and zone levels.  Presets are your friend!  Hidden/invisible buttons that allow access to other controls and keeps the riff-raff from getting into things they shouldn't. It's not fool proof, but a few scary warning pages with an easy go back to home button, will usually keep anybody that accidentally runs across the hidden button from going too far.


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