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Midas Question


Al Rettich:
Knock on wood, I've had decent luck with Midas consoles. This one came back from a tour, and when I powered up, all sorts of red. The surface has a bad PSU, which is coming. I have no clue as to why MC/GUI 2 is red, or how to fix it. All the DSP cards are red, the stage has a PSU on a UPS which wasn't turned on.

Anyone have a number to Midas Tech Support in LAS? I'm tired, need sleep and on this one just want to follow instructions to fix it. I double checked connections from the DL431 to the DL371, X before Y. Checked all the cables making sure they were still shielded CAT 5. 

Tim McCulloch:
Trouble shooting the Tea Bag mixers isn't my strong suit, but...

Just a quick look makes me wonder if some other device with an RJ45 connector was patched to one or more ports on the DL racks or the DSP engine.  If a cable swap didn't fix your problem there is likely electrical/electronic damage.

That you also have failed PSU modules in the surface makes me wonder what happened, as the Pro series has had pretty reliable PSUs.


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