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Streetscape Downtown Pole Speakers


Steve Roth:
Preface: I'm a Technomad dealer. This was discussed before but I could not figure out how to comment on there. Perhaps it is a 'locked' discussion.
I've spent a LOT of time searching for 'wireless' versions of such items, and all I come up with is Technomad. It's a little pricey, and I can't help but wonder if someone has come up with something more suited to very small villages wishing to get on board with 'downtown sound'.

Brian Jojade:
Wireless is one of those things that you use when there isn't another option available.

The Technomad is a WIFI based system.  Like anything WIFI, it will work until something else saturates the WIFI band, and that always seems to happen at the worst possible time.

I've built similar systems using Ubiquity WIFI bridges and AXIS C8033 network audio bridges.  Systems were relatively reliable and I could cover a couple thousand feet pretty easily.  But, WIFI stuff sometimes needed maintenance.  If running a cable is an option, that's the option to take.  Cable is less likely to just get pissy for  no apparent reason. (unless it gets chewed by rats or something, of course)

Mike Caldwell:
I've worked on a few downtown main street light pole systems and those have all been hardwired with the conduit runs put in place during new sidewalk and light pole projects.
Short of speakers that the weather finally takes it's toll on or too many hands sometimes messing with controls those just work!

Anything wireless will in my guess be an on going service issue at some level.

Powersoft have a fairly complex system called DEVA, there is / was a system called Street Sounds that was a repeater based system, very proprietary and the guy who was the company is closing up shop!

Tim McCulloch:
If you want it to work, without call backs or threats of lawsuits, use wire.  No exceptions.

As Brian points out, wireless and WiFi in particular, is what you use when there are absolutely no ways to get a wired signal to the destination(s).

A Wifi system for the use I'm envisioning would work perfectly at time of commissioning, and would work acceptably for demonstrations to city or other "we paid for it" officials.  It will likely fail when the parade starts and thousands of people with Wifi devices in their pockets arrive.

Disappointment leads to lawsuits.


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