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Shure SCM-810 auto-mixer channel LED's

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Jordan Wolf:

--- Quote from: Kevin Maxwell on March 09, 2024, 08:55:49 AM ---I have used the SCM810 automixers a lot and have had very good results when using them…

--- End quote ---
Me, too.

I prefer them in a reinforcement situation over a gain-sharing type AM as the audible phasing of closely-positioned mics is very reduced or eliminated. On record/broadcast/stream, gain-sharing works nicely.

I wonder how the SCM820 works in comparison…maybe I’ll rent one to try out on a corpy gig.

(Years ago, I needed a console that could handle over 48ch. of XLRs and the local rental houses only had a Yamaha PM3k…a stack of six linked SCM810s, along with some creative patching & routing, and I had a stable & intelligible setup.)


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