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Did Everybody Else already know this?


Hey All,

 Just a heads up, I ordered some covers for my RCF nx series speakers from Tuki Covers. They are Great. They fit well. And the Quality is wonderful.  But did you all know that the company is  now called: Custom Amp Covers?  Anyway, at least that is what my receipt says at the top. 

Thought I would throw that out there.


Brian Bolly:
Looks like it's been that way for about a decade:

--- Quote ---Gary retired in 2014 and is now able to devote more of his time to his first love: music. Today, the Tuki tradition is continued by Custom Amp Covers, inc. Established in 2004, Custom Amp Covers is a company after Gary's own heart. They are dedicated to quality, detailed craftsmanship and true customer service as well as pride in making all of their products here in the USA.
--- End quote ---


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