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Midas M32-IP console - rebooting itself?

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Sam Costa:

--- Quote from: Scott Holtzman on February 28, 2024, 07:53:00 PM ---Thanks Sam appreciate that I didnít realize it was your gear.

I am not in love with M/X32 but as Tim says itís the devil we know.  You can toss a stone and find a tech to run one here in Cleveland and I would say 90%of the clubs have them. 

We have installed about 20 of them installed and own 8 or 9.  We replace a few fader banks and and I/O board thatís it so I do roll my eyes when people disparage them.  You need diamond cutters and plow horses.  Itís a great plow horse.


Interestingly enough, I got a call from the house tech yesterday and they shipped the console back to Midas and it was a bad power supply. I told him a UPS wouldn't have helped in this situation, but to get one anyway and he already did.
Received mine 2 days ago, loaded up a scene from my USB, and I left it powered up in the garage for 48 hours and no issues yet. :)

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Scott Holtzman:

That's great news Sam


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