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Soundcraft Si Compact noise

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Branko Pucekovic:

--- Quote from: John Woodfield on February 24, 2024, 10:05:47 PM ---So I only pulled this board out twice a year for a volunteer event that I do.

I made the amateur move of letting the video guy try to connect USB into the Madi card. He wanted to do a multi track recording.

That may be unrelated to the issue at hand, but I started noticing some real weirdness going on shortly after. Initially, I observed my channels were clipping while muted.

I started thinking I was seeing some really bizarre RF noise.

By scene three, I had to pull the plug. In 25 years, Iíve never had to completely shut down.

I started watching and noticed that the noise would come on channels 1 through 16 and then 17 through 32 cycling back-and-forth.

The first course of action I took, was to disconnect the USB Feed, and unpatched all of the direct outs. The issue persisted.

Then proceeded to do a complete system reset but the issue persisted

I have since reset channels, reset, buses, reset  patching, and reset all.

Iíve been watching the board now for about 30 minutes and the problem has not resurfaced but of course I am greatly concerned that I have not been able to replicate this problem with any consistency.

Anyone have any ideas?

--- End quote ---
I had a similar problem with SI Expression. In the end, after a new motherboard and I don't remember what else, we changed the power supply and since then it has been working without error. The whole process took months because the problem appeared totally randomly. Sometimes the mixer would work fine for a week and then start acting up again.


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