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Bob Harvey:
They're here ... at last.    Thanks to Sound Productions, I now have two of the new RCF 8003-AS MK3 subs and they are most excellent.

Two RCF HDL6s sit atop each sub and they all play well together.  It's nice that they have a high-pass preset as I generally don't run the subs on an aux.  I selected the H4 hard preset of 40 Hz - 125 Hz and that worked nicely in a large event room of 200 + people.

I had an opportunity to compare them to my QSC KS118 subs before heading out the door to the event and there was a noticeable improvement in clarity and punch.  Additionally, upon loading, it was nice that the RCF units are 20 lbs. lighter than the QSC subs.

Hopefully, we'll hear from others as these new subs find their way into the user community.


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