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Utilizing JBL VS3218-6 speakers with my X32


Sean McKinley:
I came across a pair of these that I need to test and repair if needed. Repair isn't a worry, easy. Manual states that the DSC 260 is needed for the 3 way speakers. If I'm running an X32, S32 stage rack and a QSC Powerlite 2 PL236 for mains. Do I still need the DSC 260? I'm a little lost on varying information I've found.

Brian Jojade:
Those are a 3 way box designed to be powered with 3 separate amplifiers. There's not an internal crossover in them.  The DSC 260 is an external crossover/processor that adds the magic to get optimal performance per the factory specs.  You certainly CAN make them work with other crossovers and processing but you're on your own to get the right settings.  Just remember you need 3 separate amplifiers per speaker. (unless you parallel them and run mono)

Mike Caldwell:
Here is a link to spec sheet.
I would use a stand alone DSP, I'm not a fan of system DSP processing taking place in
the mixer. One wrong slip up on the setting or mixed up output patching and your replacing diaphragms or maybe mid drivers.
A DBX 260 would be a close match to the original DSP.

Those are tri-amped speakers requiring three processed amp channels, one for lows, one for mids and one for highs.
Plug and play powered speakers have spoiled many people today!!!!


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