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Where are you?

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Dave Garoutte:

--- Quote from: Mike Caldwell on February 05, 2024, 07:39:16 PM ---Why would the thread be a waste because the OP is in another country?
Sure if it's questions about RF available frequencies that's something many here in the US may not be up on, other than that audio is more or less audio.

--- End quote ---

For instance, asking which speaker to buy and getting recommendations for things not available where they are.
Or a newbie having technical problems near another member who might be nearby and be able to help on site.

Kemper Watson:

--- Quote from: Dave Garoutte on February 05, 2024, 01:32:43 PM ---I wish the poster's location was automatically listed under their name.  At least their country or state.  I see lots of threads that end up being a waste because the OP is in another country.  Also, it would be nice to know who's in my neighborhood. :)

--- End quote ---

North part of Atlanta Ga.

brian maddox:

--- Quote from: Kemper Watson on February 08, 2024, 06:54:06 PM ---North part of Atlanta Ga.

--- End quote ---

East part of Atlanta, GA. VERY VERY far East.

AKA Savannah, GA

Riley Casey:
Capitol of the known universe

Thomas Le:
4th most populous city in the US.


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