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Reaper audio into SQ5


Dwayne Aasberg:
Hello all.

In our church we use Midas tech for sanctuary and broadcast audio (M32, M32C, DL32).
I have been tasked to assist a local school with their worship tech program.  That school uses an A&H SQ5 in their chapel.
My intent is to use a multi-track Reaper recording of a recent worship (in Midas-land) to allow the students to practice mixing in a controlled environment (over in SQ-land).

Our Midas assembled recordings are 48kHz in Reaper.  I've noted that the SQ5 is a 96kHz console.
I see in videos that the SQ5 has a sample-rate setting for the USB-B port.  Will that setting allow us to use the 48kHz Reaper recordings as 'virtual' input to a mixing tutorial with the students?

I have limited access to the SQ5 but full access to the all the Midas tech.  I am hoping to have a basic understanding of settings/drivers/etc. for the Reaper>SQ5 setup before I go over to the school for a test-drive.

Can any among you offer tips or guidance to using a 48kHz Reaper recording in a virtual-sound-check setup on the SQ5?

Thank you in advance.
Dwayne A

Tim Weaver:
It should "just work". The A&H consoles all resample their ins and outs, yet keep the internal processing at 96k.

The last time I hooked up Reaper to an SQ it worked fine with very little configuration on the desk side.

Dwayne Aasberg:

--- Quote from: Tim Weaver on February 05, 2024, 02:59:20 AM ---It should "just work".
--- End quote ---

Hmm..  Okay, thx Tim.  I will get over there and try simply plugging the Mac into the USB-B port.
I will report back success or issues as they may occur.


Bill Meeks:
Reaper features upsampling as well when rendering tracks. So, if you have issues with using the current tracks as they were recorded at 48K, then you can just take a couple of minutes in Reaper and "render" all the tracks as new stems and output them at 96K. Then quickly create a new project in Reaper and load in the 96K stems as your "tracks" for virtual mixing. But I suspect Tim is correct, and the SQ will simply take the 48K USB inputs and upsample them internally.

Dwayne Aasberg:
Hello Tim and Bill and others.

Update to close this thread.
Was able to access the SQ5 in the music room today.
Final application was easy, but not simple plug and play.

1. Needed to install the A&H SQ USB driver to the Win10 PC that hosts Reaper.
2. Plugged the PC into the USB-B port on the back of the SQ5.
3. In the SQ5 Setup/Audio/USB screen changed the USB mode from SQ-Drive to USB B with sample rate 48kHz.
5. In Reaper Preferences changed the Device to ASIO/SQ ASIO Driver.
6. In Reaper Routing Matrix mapped the desired tracks to USB channels 1-16.
7. In the SQ5 IO screen mapped USB 1-16 to desired strips.

And voila!  We are able to mix the tracks on the SQ5.

If there's a short story, it is that my concern of 48kHz tracks playing back into the 96kHz SQ5 was unfounded.  A&H anticipated and accommodated this scenario.

Again, thx for your help.


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