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I found a use for bad audio

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brian maddox:

--- Quote from: Dave Garoutte on February 02, 2024, 03:22:59 PM ---Perhaps, they were of the mindset that if it was free, it was worthless?  If you were paid, they might have taken you more seriously?

--- End quote ---

Oh I know that's definitely a thing. It could have been a contributing factor. Like I said, I have a few theories, but resigned myself that there was no one to ask that would give me a straight answer. Or even KNOW a straight answer. I wasn't actively TOLD "we don't want your help". But every offer I gave just got the "thanks so much for that offer that sounds great we'll get back to you..." and then crickets.

I did form a nice relationship with one of the young staff techs there that continues to this day. He's moved on to another church and he still reaches out to me on a regular basis to ask for my thoughts or to let me know something cool he's doing.


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