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Any manufacturer coming out with a more powerful powered threeway box ?


Renard Hurtado:
Hi All,
The best selling QSC KW-153 has been around for years ( very durable), the EV ETX-35P and SRX 835P also.

Is anyone coming out with a step up ( of those three) in the MSRP range $2500/2750?

RCF has the NX-985 but its not a step up from
the above mentioned three (SPL wise)

Renard frm Curacao

Jeff Lelko:
The RCF TTL-6A comes to mind but is not in your price range.  The Fulcrum FA22 is listed as a 3-way speaker and might be closer to your price range, give or take.  JTR has a few options as well last time I checked.


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