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Strange Projector Problem


Justin Rygel:

My church is having an elusive problem with our video system.  Our system consists of the following:  

From the computer, signal passes via RGB cable to a Kramer acitve 3-way splitter, from there, it goes to left and right projectors (Casio, 2800 lumens, a year or two old) and a monitor.

Everything works fine from the computer.  When we hook up the cable feed, via a Viewsonic S-Video to RGB converter, the left projector doesn't display the signal.  The right projector and monitor work fine.  We have actually tried hooking the viewsonic converter directly to the left projector, to no avail, so the caling and converter are not necessarily at fault.

Does this sound like an issue with the projector to you?  Anything else worth looking at before we send it to the factory for repairs?

Mac Kerr:
Has anyone looked at the video signals on a scope to see if the S-Video converter is putting out a correct signal? It is possible the signal is low and one of the projectors has less tolerance for this than the other. Does the Kramer DA allow you to do line equalization? Does the S-Video converter have adjustments? i would look at the source before the projector.


Roy Richards:
Confirm that all menu items are the same on both projectors.


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