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2024 Musician, Celebrity, and Industry RIPs

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Jason Glass:

I need to do this, so please bear with me.  This is a repost from my Facebook page.  I am going to eulogize my friend who I haven't spoken to in over two decades.  He played a very big part in my early adult life in the biz.

Back in 1993, George Walter Bush was already tired of his own name, which prompted some to call him "Mr. President".  Everywhere he went, many stagehands he encountered blubbered the same idiotic comments.  I saw it every day and his grace about it was magnificent.

By the time W became president, George and I had not communicated for quite some time, but it must have been unbearable for him to go through it a SECOND time.

George earned his place as entertainment business legend on the first day of the Mark Chesnutt arena headline tour in 1993.

We had spent a week in pre-production tour rehearsals with tech days and band days; unusual expenses for a Nashville country act back then.  George worked his ass off every day that I knew him, as our one-man lighting crew.  In rehearsal, he meticulously labeled, loomed, and taped his ground lighting cabling that we were going to carry on tour. He had Cyberlights all over the place, and the cabling was dialed in for fast deployment and striking.  Neatly coiled into a Cadillac case, with a solid plan for gigs.

On the first night of the tour, a less than ideal stagehand was sadly assigned to George.  At loadout, George instructed his hands to do what they were supposed to do.  He boogied back to front of house to strike his console and wrap the snake.  Meanwhile, Mr. on-stage stagehand cut every piece of tape off of every loom and neatly wrapped each individual cable.

When George discovered this, I swear to God I saw him turn purple.

But this is where he became a legend.  He simply stood up straight, stuck out his arm level and rigid, pointed at ME in stage left monitor world, and roared like a lion at the stagehand, "GO TO SOUND!"

He calmly finished the rest of his work and I don't think he said another word until we cracked open our beers on the bus.

Rest in peace my friend.

Tim McCulloch:
Doug Ingle, keyboardist for rockers Iron Butterfly, at 78.  In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby!

Woody Nuss:
NBA legend and celebrity Grateful Dead head Bill Walton

Ray Aberle:
Donald Sutherland, 88

(cue: ray ur still around! yeah, just been busy. which is a good thing, I hope.)

Tim McCulloch:
Kinky Friedman, at 79.


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