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New Road Story! Maintenance Blitz, Niagara Falls

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Tim McCulloch:
Niagra Falls?  Slowly I turned... - classic humor.

Chris Hindle:
At one time i had my PA in 1, and I did maintenance at the 2 other Peel Pubs in Montreal.
I get home from the day job, and the wife says "Peel called, their system is down and the band is trying to set up."
She didn't get the location.
As no one was answering the phones, I left the 3/4 Ton at home, and took her Micra. I can park that thing anywhere. Parking near one, I can hit 2 of the clubs. Nope, up and running. The third is where my system was installed. The bartender "forgot" where the breaker was. The band wasn't so bad, I stayed for a beer and a plate of wings..... N/C of course.....
Ain't it a bitch when several clubs have the same name?
Another one i served has a location on the West Island, and another in Mt. Rollande. A good 1.5 hour drive apart, not in Rush Hour..

Ike Zimbel:

--- Quote from: Tim McCulloch on December 09, 2023, 02:53:12 PM ---Niagra Falls?  Slowly I turned... - classic humor.

--- End quote ---
Groucho Marx, yes?

Kevin Maxwell:

--- Quote from: Ike Zimbel on December 09, 2023, 06:59:08 PM ---Groucho Marx, yes?

--- End quote ---

I think it was Abbott and Costello.

Scott Helmke:

--- Quote from: Kevin Maxwell on December 09, 2023, 07:10:30 PM ---I think it was Abbott and Costello.

--- End quote ---

Three Stooges.


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