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Spotify phone > PA wireless?

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Chris Grimshaw:

--- Quote from: John Schalk on November 28, 2023, 09:01:53 AM ---How many people attend these extra-curricular sessions?  In other words, do you really need the phone's audio going through the main PA?  Rechargeable "boom boxes" with Bluetooth can get pretty loud, and some of them even sound pretty good.  How about just providing your worship leader with a piece of tech that just about anyone can use?  You can even go the Pro route with options such as the EV Everse 8 or the Bose S1 which have mic inputs.

--- End quote ---

+1 on the boombox and the reasoning behind it. I wouldn't even get something with a mic input: the potential for abuse increases once a microphone is plugged in (mic drops, feedback). I'd pick a reasonably-nice consumer-grade Bluetooth speaker and call it good.
Bonus points if it has a docking-station-style charging point. That doubles up as somewhere particular to store the speaker, as well as ensuring it's charged and ready-to-go.


Andrew Broughton:
Like I suggested in the other thread about wireless Audio... You'd do better to look at AirPlay instead of Bluetooth.
Runs over network or WiFi, dedicated hardware is available, stays connected, streams losslessly, doesn't really have all the limitations of Bluetooth and it's heavily supported by the biggest company in the world.

Stephen Gregory:
Thanks to everyone for their contributions.

I ended up using one of these.

It has plenty of range (>50') and has not given any glitches yet!  This is very much a "non-mission-critical" solution, but it is doing exactly what I need at the moment.

I may give it a try on a busy Sunday as well, just to see how it copes with a busier RF environment, but for the quiet prayer meetings, it is doing great. I guess Bluetooth 5 is real progress.

Brian Jojade:
Bluetooth has been functional for quite some time.  The problem is, it still can easily get moody on you.

Oh, and it's VERY easy for a jokester to take out Bluetooth connections on devices. Someone with a flipper zero can flood a device with bluetooth pairing requests and you're dead in the water.  The protocol should never be relied on for production.

Very simple condition - If they want music, bring in an engineer.  If not, don't.

I will not under any circumstances allow my staff to connect smart phones to any audio systems on events where I hold the contract - never ever.  That is expressly forbidden for reasons already listed and my personal preference.


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