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Splitting aux send to 2 IEM's


Kane Mitchell:

I need to split the signal from an aux send from our mixing board so I can send it to 2 IEMs. We have 5 IEM's (wired beltpacks) but only 3 spare aux sends on board.

Board is Behringer X2442 and used for main mix and monitor mix.

I bought a TRS to 2x XLR splitter cable (, thinking I could simply split the signal, but we only get signal in one of the XLRs, not both.

I think this is because the aux send on the board is a unbalanced TS port (thats what manual says) but the Y splitter I got is splitting stereo signal to 2 x mono signal?

I think I then need a TS to 2x XLR splitter cable but don't think this is a thing?

Any ideas how we can sort this out? We need it for a gig next weekend!


Mike Caldwell:
Going from the unbalanced TS output to an XLR input try connecting the shield to both pin 1 and pin 3 on the XLR connectors.

Ok I just noticed the wired headphone amps you use have a combo input jack, if you use a TS cable to connect the from the Y split cable to the headphone amps that should work.

I would make up a proper cable and use XLR connections to the headphone amps.

Brian Jojade:
Finding a TS to 2 XLR cables might be a little tricky. If you're not comfortable making your own, you could use multiple adaptors to get there.

Your link appears to go to the Behringer Powerplay headphone amp.  If that's the case, the device can be set to either a mono or a stereo mode.  Knowing how that's configured would determine exactly how you need to wire up the cable you're going to use.

Personally, I'd wire up an XLR to 1/4" cable and then use a factory made XLR Y cable.  XLR Y cables are pretty cheap and wiring your own split cable can be frustrating, especially in a 1/4" connector.


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