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MagicQ Compact Mini Connect Buttons Freeze


Hi all!

I've had one of the new Chamsys Compact Mini Connect wings here for testing. I like the form factor and the product would fit my needs, but I encountered a problem that let me send it back to the store.

It happened when the wing was hooked up to a computer and running for several minutes (5, 10, 20 minutes). At some point, the buttons stopped working, meaning they didn't trigger any actions when pressed and the LED also didn't come on when a button was pressed. The faders and the art-net output still worked.

This happened consistently and with several different computers (Thinkpads) and persisted while trying all of the USB-3 Ports available. I also swapped USB-cables and tried 3 different varieties including the original one that came with the unit. Unplugging and re-plugging solved the problem for another while.

Did any of you encounter the same problem? I don't think it has anything to do with power management features on the Thinkpads because the Art-Net output and the faders still worked. The LED on the last button pressed before they froze up was also still illuminated.

What else could it be - a faulty unit out of the box?

Tim Weaver:
I have one of these that freaks out after about 30 seconds. It does all kinds of flashing lights and the faders start sending out junk data back to the computer.

In my case I *think* someone here dropped it on the usb c connector but I canít prove it. I need to send it in for repair even though its brand new.

The only thing I can think of in your case is to make sure the thing gets enough power. I had to use a powered usb3 hub to get it to work with my old usb2 computer. This board uses a fair amount of power. Especially if you are using the onboard NIC.


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