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Old Dynacord Software


Jim Richards:
Yes, VERY aware that this is REALLY OLD stuff...

I am looking for a copy of the old Dynacord ProAnnounce Designer software (yeah, it ran on Win95/98) to crack into an old paging system for a local park district.  They have a DPM4000 system installed and it has been working for the longest time without fail until now. 

We've let them know that this might be a pipedream situation where someone could possibly have a copy somewhere, but I wasn't going to guarantee or even give them any false sense of hope.

I have found a lot of old documents on the modules, frames, installation, configuration and the how-to's on the software and understand how it all ties together (even found a source for some modules), but I can't seem to locate the software to get inside the brains.

Any and all help / direction / condolences gladly accepted and acknowledged!!

Thanks for browsing!!

Jim Richards


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