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Crown Xti and JBL SRX700 presets


David House:

Im own some crown amps and JBL speakers and I'm looking for help with Haram Audio Architect presets for this setup please. I can't seem to find any presets for the 700 series with the Xti2 amps online, only the presets for the Xti1 amps. I could just copy the settings fromAudio Architect for the Xti1 series but this will not take in to account the RMS limiting that is more advanced on the Xti2 amps and I am keen to protect the drivers.

Im using:
1 x Crown Xti4002
3 x Crown Xti6002
4 x JBL SRX725
4 x JBL SRX728s

Im planning to run the SRX728s one per channel @ 4ohm on the Xti6002's, so all 4 subs on two amps. I will then run the SRX725 Bi-amp on the Xti6002 running 2 cabs per channel @ 2ohm, leaving the compression drivers running on the Xti4002.

Im fairly sure these are the settings if I only run the 3 x Xti6002 and the 725 passive only a a Xti6002, I got these from Band Mangers as this did have some presets for the Xti6002 and SRX700 series.

Xti6002 settings

SRX728S (S)
Input Type = Stereo
X-Over HP Type = HP Butterworth 24db/oct @ 30Hz (Disabled)
X-Over LP Type = LP Butterworth 24db/oct @ 75Hz (Enabled)
X-Over Bandpass Gain = 8.4
Limiter Threshold = -4.14 dBFS (62V)
Limiter Attach = 0.3s
Limiter Release = 0.9s

SRX725 (S)
Input Type = Stereo
X-Over HP Type = HP Butterworth 18db/oct @ 95 hz (Enabled)
X-Over LP Type = LP Butterworth 6db/oct @ 18kHz (Disabled)
X-Over Bandpass Gain = -2.1
Limiter Threshold = -4.44dBFS (60V)
Limiter Attach = 0.15s
Limiter Release = 0.45s

Anyone know what the settings and crossover points are if I run the compression drivers on the Xti4002?

The other issue I found is that you can't copy the settings exact as the values in the GUI snap to different values close to what I want but not exact.

Please let me know if I am thinking about this the wrong way, should I be getting a DBX Drive Rack PA2 and using that?

If someone had the presets that would be a big help.

Thanks in advance for any advise

Mac Kerr:

--- Quote from: DaHouse on October 28, 2023, 07:11:23 PM ---Hi,

Im own some crown amps and JBL speakers.

Thanks in advance for any advise

--- End quote ---

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Steve Eudaly:
Contact Crown support via their website. They should be able to steer you in the right direction. They helped me in getting our 712M and 718S boxes setup on XTi4000s in May 2022.


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