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Portable Audio Test Equipment Rack

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Brian Jojade:
Info on this laser you used to cut?


--- Quote from: Brian Jojade on October 02, 2023, 04:07:28 PM ---Info on this laser you used to cut?

--- End quote ---

XTOOL D1 PRO with their once optional 40W Blue Laser.  XTOOL Creative Space software which is a free download.  Set to 100% power, feed rate 3mm/second.  Cuts real clean, nice fit on holes for dowel stock.

For some reason the 40W blue laser is unavailable.  If you are interested, I also have 20W Blue Lasers for the XTOOL D1 PRO and will test on a piece of 1/4" Birch Plywood to see if the 20W will cut it.  It probably will.

EDIT:  Just tested the 20W Blue XTOOL D1 PRO laser on the 1/4" Birch Plywood and it zipped right through it at a setting of 100% and rate of 3mm/second.  May even go faster.  Should have done some more testing, looks like I used a lot more power than necessary.  Setup and did one more test cut on the 1/4" Birch ply, this time 5mm/sec and it cut but I had to gently separate it.  So, 3 or 4mm/sec with the 20W Blue Laser and you're good on 1/4" ply.

Picture attached.  I cut off the small piece pictured.  The vertical cut on the lower left of the wood panel.  Testing the 40W Blue Laser when it arrived, I cut through some 3/4" Oak plywood with it.

Ike Zimbel:

--- Quote from: Steve-White on October 01, 2023, 11:19:10 PM ---With the test gear in it.  Considering a dab of RTV or zip ties to secure the gear in the rack.

--- End quote ---

Project is nearing completion.  Paint has dried/cured to a point that it can be handled.

Time to put some non-skid non-marking feet under it.  Here's a method I learned the basics for many years ago when a neighbor showed me how to make silicon lid cover seals for waterproof radio boxes in RC model boats.  I refined the method a bit to make feet, which works well for some projects such as this one.

Just put a bead or dollop of RTV where you want the feet to be, set spacers under the item to give the desired thickness and set it down on a piece of aluminum foil or masking tape on a flat surface.  Let it cure a couple of days, trim with razor blade or xacto knife or similar as needed.


Finished it up today.  Weighs in at 20.2lbs without the cover on it.  Used a dollop of RTV under the feet and zip ties around the handles to secure equipment to the rack.

Pictures attached.


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