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Paying for Air

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Bob Stone:

Grabbed a used Furman Merit M-8 for dirt cheap the other day, popped it open to have a look inside just to make sure it's all in good order (I usually do this with used equipment just to be sure, and well...having never opened one of these up, was pretty funny to see that it's 90% empty. Figured I'd share :)

Jeff Lelko:
I wonder if the NEC(?) volumetric requirements for an outlet box come into play here.

Either way, based on my pull-out rack light topic from last week Iíll soon be in the market for two of these.  Extra air not required!

The Furman Merit Series M-8Dx is worth $100 for my needs and what I use in processing racks and wireless receiver racks.  Remove the dimming circuitry and  replace the incandescent lamps with non-dimmable LED type and they are pretty nice.  Tape the front panel and fill dimmer control know hole wiht RTV and let it set up before pulling tape.

DJ System Wedding Ceremony rack pictured with the modified Furman in it.  Rack has a Behringer XR12 behind the blank covers, and 2x XLR IO patch bays in the rear., and BNC inputs for antenna coax + BNC RF cascade outputs from UA844+V for adding receivers when needed.  They don't just light up the face of the rack, but give a little ambient on the floor which is nice.

Brian Jojade:
These don't do anything to 'clean up' the power.  MOVs and audio can be problematic as they age and actually cause more noise and ground loops.

The size of the box is for convenience. Being deeper means access to the outlets is closer to the depth of the rest of your gear.  Thinner/smaller units are available if that's what you're looking for.

^  Yep the "Conditioning" is pure Snake Oil.  The depth on the Furman's is about right and also hides the light tubes allowing for them to extend out a bit.


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