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Presets for my XTA processor

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Hans Lynnerup:

--- Quote from: Scott Holtzman on September 19, 2023, 04:06:17 AM ---
How can you miss it on every page?  Just curious as I have been here a long time and we often hear the same feedback "I didn't know" do people just ignore the headers and all the sign up messages?

Back to your issue.  The XTA contact surely can help you.  If you can't port the whole database I am sure there is a way to extract out the parameters for the devices you intend to use.  Is it just a device profile you are looking for or a whole system profile?

--- End quote ---

To be honest, I really didn’t see that I had to use my full name. Now when you told me, I can see it. But it’s not in all the forums this rule is in effect…

Regarding the presets, I only need a few so I’ll send an e-mail directly to XTA.

I was just in general wondering why it is so that XTA processors as one of a few ones doesn’t include this large database of presets as many of the other ‘Big ones’ offer. Especially when they are include in the amps that also has XTA built in.

Scott Holtzman:
I can’t tell you.  May be architecture some have the extra space for those tables.  They can probably tell you.

Let us know what you find out it helps to have solutions and info in our threads.  They are searched so often. 

Good luck

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