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Wireless Access Point


Geoff Doane:
Back late last year, Steve Eudaly made this recommendation:

--- Quote from: Steve Eudaly on November 30, 2022, 09:34:39 AM ---TP-Link makes a very similar product (EAW225-AC1200) that's a bit cheaper, in stock, and in my experience, much easier to configure. Only recently started using it so time will tell how it holds up.

--- End quote ---

I bought a couple, and after a bit of trial and error started using them with my two Yamaha LS9 consoles, and more recently an A&H SQ5.   To sum it up in a few words, "they have met expectations".  Over the summer I've had a few opportunities to use this WAP at a venue that was a challenge for the old desktop router.  The location is a bandstand in a botanical garden, but the audience and mix position is about 100 feet out.  The old router would frequently drop the connection, whereas the TP-Link has been solid for 100% of the shows.  I used it again last evening for a service in a cemetery, and it seemed to have no trouble even at 200 feet.  In both cases there were hundreds of people in attendance, presumably with cell phones trying to connect to a WiFi signal.

I'm using it at 5GHz only, SSID hidden, and with an iPad that is several generations old.  The form factor of the WAP and the fact that it is powered by POE, makes it very easy to mount on a mic stand, although at the cemetery, I just set it on a convenient headstone.  Unlike a router, it doesn't include a DHCP server, so you have to configure devices with fixed IP addresses.  The WAP was a little bit confusing to configure (there are myriad options), but once it's set up, I simply plug it in and it works.  I'm actually running it at 6 dB below full power.

Anyway, thanks Steve for the tip, it has paid off handsomely for me.



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