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Upgrading older Sb180's to 18 Sound 18LW1400's


I'm not aware of any difference between the SB 180 and the SB 180 Z aside from the drivers, I'm installing 18LW1400s in my SP180s, I was curious if I should be adding or taking away baffling, if anybody has pics of what the inside of these units look like that would be helpful, even just an informed two cents on the subject would be welcome also.

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Art Welter:

--- Quote from: jamesheyser on April 27, 2023, 09:34:40 PM --- I was curious if I should be adding or taking away baffling..

--- End quote ---

A speaker baffle is the board that the driver is mounted on. If the new driver has different mounting dimensions it could require modification to the baffle.

"Baffling" means impossible to understand, or perplexing ;^).

You might be asking about the acoustic damping material used in the cabinet- if there is any used, none would need to be added or removed due to a driver change.


Yes, I meant the dampening material, and I was wondering if the updated driver (with different sensitivity and freq response) might utilize more or less dampening.

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