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Experience with the Wolfmix WM1?

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I use the wolfmix for a lot of gigs.  It replaced the mydmxgo I was having problems with - even when connected by cable instead of wifi. 
The wolfmix is easy to use and very intuitive. I routinely find myself doing live edits bringing in out out groups of lights and changing patterns on the movers and pars to match the song, far more than any of the previous lighting controllers Iíve had.   Great box and one of my best purchases.   

Jonathan Hole:

--- Quote from: John Schalk on April 19, 2023, 10:49:24 AM ---I really like his videos.  I watched his series on DMXIS which was installed at a club where I was mixing.  I'd consider getting that software except it's not supported any longer.
Is there anyway to backup the WMX1's settings once you have it programmed?  Nice summary of this little console, by the way.  Your lighting setup is pretty close to what I suspect a lot of us "lounge lizards" are running :)

--- End quote ---

Yes, there is computer component called WTools that is used to update the software, backup shows, install extras, update fixture library, etc.  There is a small cost if you need to enable more than 1 universe and some other adding but fairly low cost. We have production provided the next 3 shows but mid May will be back on our rig and will test some more. 

FYI:  There is a poster further down thread who mentioned he was doing Live Edits very quickly during show and I found the same, was much easier in practice than reading about it.  Quite fun little board....

Nate Zifra:
Not much to add other than another +1 for Wolfmix.  I purchased it last year, and it has really simplified my lighting control. 

If you have to program your own fixtures, there is a bit of a learning curve to it (best to create fixtures in the software on a computer, than in the device itself).  There are also limitations to what it can do, especially if you have special fixtures that use pixels like light bars or Bee Eyes, then you'll have to use Live Edits to control those functions.  Same for things like prisms, but once you get it, it's really easy to work around and fast!

Rob Stevens:
I just picked one of these up, I am a novice at DMX for sure but I managed to get a mover up and going in just a few minutes on it, I am hoping to set it up this weekend with one of my Pars and see what I can do with it.

Rob Stevens:
I am still struggling a bit with mine, I have it hooked into some ADJ Par lights and definitely have control but just need more knowledge on how to use it, I think I am going to set up a bar in the house with the 2 movers and just go through all the videoes.

I also tried to get my Chauvet laser and so far thats been a failure,
as well as the DMX profile for my Yorkville LED 4XP doesnt seem to work but, as those are mostly just my washes, I will be ok without control of them.

Really i need to find some local to me who is good on DMX to show me what these can do.


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