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Experience with the Wolfmix WM1?

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Paul G. OBrien:
I recently picked up one of these and have used it for a few shows so far. A few things I have learned that are key to understanding this unit.

This should be the first line in the user manual... "there is always a Preset running". I discovered this after extensive web searching and user group diving and it explains a lot about the theory of operation of this device. So apparently Preset1 on page1 contains a lot of background data that is part of the basic functionality that cannot be deleted or changed, so this preset slot should also be used to store all the startup values you want all your fixtures to default to on power up... which is usually parked and blacked out. Presets on this device cannot be turned off they can only be paused so again your show should always end by selecting the 1st preset and setting it to Pause with the first encoder wheel. I also set the hold time for this preset as short as possible so it essentially gets skipped when playing back the whole page of presets.

I wasted a lot of time with Wtools creating detailed profiles for my light fixtures... only to find that the controller cannot use all those features. So it's better to create a profile on the controller itself with a fixture hooked up so you can verify that the settings you are saving does exatly what you want it to do.

A preset saves ALL dmx vaues active at that time for all fixtures including the effects engines, but only 1 preset can be active at any time.
Live edits are more specific and multiple edits can be active at the same time, so for example I setup live Edits to store the focus parameter for each gobo wheel in my moving heads, and another to select a prism and rotation speed. That gave me quick access to these features when recording a scene in a Preset.

As with all controllers the accuracy of the fixture profile is everything, so again best not to rely on anything somebody else has created and do it yourself. 


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