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new book: How to lose a job

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Mike Monte:

Recently, I witnessed a touring BE self-distruct right before my eyes!!!!

It was the last show of a tour and he had issues tying-in his rig (M32) to the house system
took out his frustration on the staff........not a good scene at all.
I could go into detail (as I was there) but just think of all the things a visiting BE should never do......

(btw: There was another show two days later at the same venue and that band's BE had zero issues tying in..)

The disgruntled BE's band management contacted the venue a few days later to apologize for the BE's behavior and stated that the BE is no longer on-staff.

btw: The singer/songwriter/band in question very recently won a Grammy..........thus they are on their way up..
...apparently, now with a different BE.

If I could write a book about it the title would be "Death of a Salesman BE".

Tim McCulloch:
Had a similar experience a decade ago, BE insisted on making a major fool of himself.  I let him.

The LX guy later said "ya know it's gonna take a couple weeks for that to die down in the back lounge." (reference to the social skewering the BE would receive).  "I hope he never lives it down. He took 90 minutes for his power trip, in front of management and the artist, and in the end looked like the dick he is."

Ivan Beaver:
Years ago I was attending a show and the BE and the Systems engineer were going at it the whole set.  I was sitting behind FOH (hoping for the best sound).

The mix really sucked.  It was a popular 70s heavy act that I liked.

At the end of the set, as the BE walked away from FOH, he yelled to the Systems guy "You are an asshole".

The SE yelled back with the best response: "I've been called an asshole before, but at least I'm not an incompetent asshole!".

There are WAAYY to many FOH guys who somehow keep their jobs by blaming others for their own lack of ability.

John Roberts {JR}:
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Brian Jojade:

--- Quote from: Ivan Beaver on March 13, 2023, 11:41:21 AM ---There are WAAYY to many FOH guys who somehow keep their jobs by blaming others for their own lack of ability.

--- End quote ---

That right there.  And it's not limited to FOH guys.  It happens in many departments.  The WORST people to work with are the ones that pretend they know more than they do.  The BEST ones to work with know when they're at their limit and recognize that others are there to help them.


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