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on-off-on "light switch"

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Bob Faulkner:

--- Quote from: Stephen Swaffer on February 27, 2023, 01:19:35 PM ---Only a couple switches (both momentary only) on that cut sheet are rated for DC voltages-and the only for 3 amps.  There is a difference in design and while they will likely work for DC even if not rated, their lifespan will likely be shorter.

As an aside, a standard "3 way" light switch is SPDT and so could easily switch between two sources-but without the center off.

--- End quote ---
I considered a 3-way, but needed the off capability.  As well, I just placed an inline fuse (2-amp) in the setup.  The lights (small LED strips) probably only consume about 1-amp of current.


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