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The S16 can not get connection with X32, AES50 ports is failing? two of them?

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Caleb Dueck:

--- Quote from: Robert Lunceford on May 06, 2023, 05:48:57 PM ---Does this hold true for the Midas products as well?
Is the the AES50 on Midas equally sketchy?

--- End quote ---

From memory, the Pro 1/2 are slightly different (different ground?) than the Pro 3/6/9/X. 
For all practical purposes, the X/M32 are the same product.

Yes, the 'real Midas' Pro series also has AES50 issues.  I could make a Pro 2 have issues with new Midas Cat cable, and did so in front of the Midas rep a couple times.  I didn't test this specifically with a Pro 3 we installed. 

AES50 is one of the (multiple) reasons more integrators are happily ditching all Behringer/Midas offerings. 

Russell Ault:

--- Quote from: Caleb Dueck on May 07, 2023, 07:23:12 PM ---{...} AES50 is one of the (multiple) reasons more integrators are happily ditching all Behringer/Midas offerings.

--- End quote ---

I know I'm a bit of a pedant, but I always like to try and differentiate between the actual AES50 standard (which seems fine on paper, and is probably technically superior to any of the quasi-proprietary MADI-over-twisted-pair "standards" currently in use) and MusicTribe's various implementations of the standard, all of which seem to suffer from their own peculiarities (as, in fairness, do most MADI-over-twisted-pair implementations).

IMHO, the most reliable way to use Cat5e for real-time audio is to send four channels of line-level signal down it; second-most is anything that is actually Ethernet based (regardless of standard or flavour); third-most is AES50 on paper; and fourth-most is a toss-up between most of MusicTribe's AES50 implementations and the various MADI-over-twisted-pair approaches (most of which could rightly be described as "hacks"). :P



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