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The S16 can not get connection with X32, AES50 ports is failing? two of them?

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Dakai Sun:
Hello friends:

Could some one can help me,

Can the interface AES50 ports be damaged?
Got static electricity on your hands? Plugged in by mistake? Or plugged into the wrong port?
Since this happened in this venue, is there any possibility that the power in the ballroom area is unstable, or the damage caused by electromagnetic interference?
Has some one experienced this situation?

Now all cable worked before now can not get connection from X32 to S16

Two ports damaged at same show?
Can the interface be damaged so easily?

We used the X32 and S16 about 4 years already, first time encountering this situation

The situation is this:
On our last SHOW setup time, When I plugin to AES50 A port, No thing show up on my x32,
We changed to AES50 B, shows a red lights, after I set the AES50 b let it worked as the light is green, I want to try AES50 A again, got nothing ,then back to AES50 B, this time also got nothing.
We try 3 cables, no a cable issue
I reset to factory setting, neither work.
After this I think the AES50 ports are failed. but do not know on X32 or S16

Please Help!


Dakai Sun:

--- Quote from: sdk on February 13, 2023, 01:13:14 AM ---Could he have broken the port by plugging it in the wrong way?

Please Help

--- End quote ---

When I plug in the cat5 cable to X32 AES50 A or B that one I used before longtime, to the S16 AES50 A or B but this time no any lights on ,

Could some thing happen when some one wrong plug the AES50 A or B to the ULTRANET PORT? will damage the AES50 ports?

Brian Jojade:
Fix your name per the rules and then we can start to help.

Dakai Sun:

--- Quote from: Brian Jojade on February 13, 2023, 01:37:33 AM ---Fix your name per the rules and then we can start to help.

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I changed  please help

Scott Holtzman:

--- Quote from: Canada cat on February 13, 2023, 01:44:17 AM ---I changed  please help

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No it is still saying Canada Cat.  Please pay attention when updating your settings.

Sorry, this rule is immutable for this group.


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