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Cleaning maybe de-oxidizing CA connector blades and prong


Mal Brown:
Just bought a couple of Southwire 6x3 & 8x1 Spoder box extension from a retiring house builder.   I cleaned most of thed mud off the cables - a zen afternoon task :-)

The blades aren't shiny and the 'center' male prong is kinda dark.

Should I be concerned ?  If so, what is the best method / material for cleaning ?

No I do not want to replace the connecteors at $130 a set for Hubble...

Tim McCulloch:
A squirt of De-oxit and some really fine emery cloth.

Mal Brown:
Sweet !
Thanks Tim

Tim Hite:

--- Quote from: Tim McCulloch on February 06, 2023, 01:36:57 PM ---A squirt of De-oxit and some really fine emery cloth.

--- End quote ---

Nail buffer boards from the beauty shop will let you get in there to polish the blades. A copper bristle brush also works well. Get them at ye ole gun shoppe.

The Red DeOxit 5% is the only product that has any cleaning action per CAIG. Electrical contact cleaner does a better job and you can DeOxit after to protect the metal.

The Center pin on a 120/240V CS50 doesn't carry anything, it's mechanical support. The ground is on the outer body of the receptacle.

Mal Brown:
Thanks Tim Redux!

Hope you, Roxie and Roadie are doing well.


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