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Volume levels for outdoor show at say 100'

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Mal Brown:
in general what do you shoot for when doing sound for say a regional tribute (AC/DC, Zeppelin, Petty, Eagles, Heart, etc) act and one or more local support acts.

These are shows that for me, take place in muni parks, roped off parking lots with a tow in stage and NOT taking place in an arena setting.

Thanks, Mal

Steve Ferreira:
Generally you will be given a permit which will state what your levels can be at a certain distance.

Brian Jojade:
It's going to depend on the type of event you're doing.  If it's a concert setting, generally it's going to be a little louder than if it's a park type setting where people are milling around and there's more of a social aspect to the event.

But, about 95dB for your typical outdoor park event is a pretty comfortable peak level

Bob Faulkner:
I shoot for what sounds good, is loud enough (at FOH), and provides enough headroom for the bass and percussive instruments.  For me, unless there is an SPL requirement, I don't run shows based on SPL.  However, as was referenced before, I have had to keep the SPL below a certain limit due to noise regulations.   

Tim McCulloch:
I wish I had a specific number for you, but I seldom have the meter out any more and don't trust my phone/camera/everyTHINGY device to accurately measure show SPL.

But part of my longevity in audio has come from an innate ability to not over-do levels for the audience or situation.  If I'm worried it's too loud, it probably is.  If I'm wondering if it's loud enough... but not getting complaints... it's just right.


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