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DSP setting Ashly protea

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Jan Chr:
Is there anyone out there who Can help me with DSP setting for Ashley protea to Community SLS 960

David Simpson:
I am guessing you are looking for crossover points? Here is a link to the manufacturers data sheet that includes those as well as other important data.


Jan Chr:
I try again.
This I use in my Drivrack.
For Community SLS 960

Hpf: 110hz, 4th order LR
1: 251hz,-5, .33BW
2: 508hz, -5 .5,41BW
3: 2,45k,-4,5.52BW
4: 3k,-3, .39BW
5: 4,5k, -6 .3BW
6: 9,6k,+6 1.58BW

Is this setting correct?
Can anybody out here tell me?
Or give me the correct setting.

Dan Richardson:
Do those settings sound good in your application? Use them as a starting point. Nobody can give you "correct settings" without hearing the system in place.

Mike Caldwell:
Also are you planning on running them passive or bi-amped, that would make a BIG difference on the settings.

Are you looking just for the settings and or someone to program the unit?


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