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Pharos LPC and json ethernet trigger


Zach Warren:
I have a lighting playback controller with some DMX lights at one of our projects. This specific controller is controlling 31 different fixtures, which are 7 channels a piece. The fixtures are strip LED lights that are over a couple of bowling lanes. The project is requesting they would like the lights to do certain effects when a specific event occurs on the bowling lanes (strike, spare, etc.) . There are only two bowling lanes; the same lighting trigger would occur on either lane from the same LED strips, there is no need to create a separate effect/trigger for each lane as they will both perform the same way.

At this point I am simply trying to determine how and where with json to initiate this response. The bowling lane software is from Qubica. They have provided me with a PDF as to the requirements of the API plugin that would need to communicate with our LPC. I have the bowling server IP and port information and have attached the two small pdf documents the bowling software provided to this email. They are stating that each event has these properties:

It is a HTTP POST request (where Conqueror server is the caller and the external system is the callee)
It has its own specific endpoint, all having the common prefix “/api/v1/event”
The payload is a json document, containing the attributes of the event (e.g. lane where the event occurred)
The APIs post a message of ‘on’ to certain events on the bowling lanes and they have also provided me with the following json payloads:

When a Strike is hit by the bowler

The path is: /api/v1/event/strike

The payload is:


“LaneName”: “1”


Note: Strike on lane 1

When a Spare is hit by the bowler

The path is: /api/v1/event/spare

The payload for this is:


“LaneName”: “1”,

“HitPins”: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7]


Note: Spare has been made on lane 1 by hitting the pins in the list

Pins are hit by the bowler:

The path is: /api/v1/event/pin

The payload for this is:


“LaneName”: “1”,

“HitPins”: [6, 8, 9, 10]


Note: The pins in the list have been knocked down by the current ball (and some
other pins have not, otherwise it would be a spare)

Is anyone able to assist me on how to create this json so that our DMX lights can communicate to the bowling software server to create the lighting effect that I have created?

Mal Brown:
not that I am in a position to write this but ...  I think your best bet is a json parser to midi command and use a controller with midi.  My Chauvet Obey 70 Clone can trigger scenes using midi CC commands.  A python library like mido might be your answer.  That plus a nerdy high school python coder type...


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