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Experience with Phenyx Pro Wireless Microphone Systems?

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Brian Jojade:
The 4 unit model is $199.  A shure SM58 wired mic is $100.  That alone should tell you something.

The 4 unit model is FIXED frequencies.  If those frequencies don't work in your area, you're screwed.

The adjustable frequency model is weird that the mics only get a very small range of frequencies to work with. The nice thing, I guess is that you can't tune two of them to the same frequency accidentally...  But the lack of flexibility is quite odd.

It's pretty amazing when these cheapie manufacturers copy designs of the handhelds to look SO similar to well known brands.  These certainly are copying the SHURE look.

Reviews on cheap consumer goods are always to be questioned.  It's easy to buy 'fake' reviews, and those that may be real are from users that don't know the difference between something that turns on and passes sound once during testing and something that is actually a quality piece of gear.

The general rule right now is if you don't have a budget of at least $500/channel for wireless, don't do it.  Wired will be a better choice.


   I am a little late to the party but you've been given some good advice here. I have heard of the PTU 5000. A small local (ish) church bought that system during the pandemic. We told them not to.  But they were complaining because the cheapest systems we offer, the Audio Technica 2000 series and the Shure BLX pics were not available and were more than they wanted to spend.  Guess what? Their mic was dropping out at 30 feet. The pastor would walk to the back of the church and "poof" no audio. They called us to fix it. Our response was. pretty much  "We told you so." As soon as they could, they bought the Shure BLX unit. 
   And this was in a rural area. And I mean rural, that entire county only has 13, 000 people.  The church had maybe 40 people max and I am guessing that would be on Easter Sunday.  The "town" consisted of 2 churches, a gas/grocery store, a hardware type store and a diner. And the population is about 250 people.
   As stated here often, Buy Once Cry Once.


Daniel Levi:
There's a church round here that has a xtuga brand 4ch wireless system, now what stood out for me was that the microphones say UHF on them but the receiver clearly has antenna for band 3/VHF.

If you do really need wireless for lower amounts of cash then you could always look at the Mipro, Trantec/TOA or JTS systems or even go second hand, the TOA stuff can be had for a good price second hand (at least over here) and is generally decently made kit, my 80's and 90's TOA VHF kit still works fine and I believe everything but the early silver units all uses tone squelch.


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