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Best Complete Setup Suggestions

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Steve Litcher:
Since this is an install system and doesn't need to be portable, I'd recommend something like:

2x JTR Captivator 218PRO subs (active)
2x Yamaha DZR12 speakers (active)
1x Behringer X32 Rack mixer and use iPod control

If you call and talk to Jeff, you'll likely get a little bit of a deal on the JTR subs... and if you have any type of relationship with Sweetwater (just call and get a rep, then ask if they have any wiggle room on pricing or educational pricing deals), you'll be under your $12K limit. This system will rock your socks off and will be *extremely* easy to set-up and maintain. Be smart with the gain settings on the speakers and these should last for quite a long time without any problems.

That's my $0.02.

Ben Witter:
Thank you all so much for the great recommendations! I really appreciate the help.

I do have a few follow up questions, however I don't have time right now to ask. Had pep band tonight, taking the band on a weekend field trip to see Blue Man Group, and have pep band on Monday. Hopefully things will slow down next Tuesday/Wednesday so I can properly respond.

Thank you all again.



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